Cosmic glass 3 gram


This stone made of glass is charged with energy, try putting it in water to oxygenate it and then drink the water or let it rest for a while with fruit or other biological mass to cleanse them from our daily pollution.

There are several projects from users all over the world with various “magical” elements that prove the stones’ cleansing and energetic properties.

1 charged stone is enough for 3 years before
it needs a calibration.

Need more evidence? look trough our articles and be ready to expand your mind.

Product Details

Nature's energies keep the earth's ecological system full of life in balance - until we humans destroy too much. Are you curious enough to challenge your worldview about what is possible and instead co-create with nature's energies?
Active glass stores and conveys information.

Ok - like a computer.
Yes, in principle, but not digitally. The information is analog and is released measurably / observably in water by light (photons) and with electromagnetism in a similar way as the computers' information is transmitted as light through fiber optic glass and stored on electromagnetic media.

When it comes to computers, this is not something we think about - now we can similarly get used to the fact that active glass only works.

Weight 4 g

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